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I fucked up.....
i restored what i could but it's not perfect :c, but i wont have anymore downtime on the servers,

Im just running the last script and we should be good.
i would like to get my money back :3
I want my money back too!
[Image: mlmwZRA.jpg]
Fuckin' legit Pand.
[Image: Koma.png]
Please dud, need me moola back
I want my money please.
Can I have my money back please?

(I added another screenshot but this is for proof of date and time if needed).

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I want my 100mill back too although my sudden 95mill increase in wealth wasn't screenshotted so take pity ;(

(09-01-2016, 08:39 PM)noam Wrote:
it was in 13:00 SERVER TIME and i lost some and earn some so i got like 12,600,000 and now im down 1.1 milion

Get fukt I'm richer than you naoam

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